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A new feature for you to enjoy over the next few weeks is Meet the Team Monday’s.

Thought I had better start with me, Hello I am Mhairi pronounced Varry,


9 years ago having sent number 3 child off to school with her 2 older brothers I found myself really missing the world of events. I realized very quickly that what was important to me was to be first and foremost a mum and the only way I could get back into the environment I loved and to have the flexibility I needed was to start my own business.


The best job in the world, love the madness, the non stop challenges and the fun of it all. All 3 love sport so many an hour is spent being taxi to here, there and everywhere.


Love it, wish I had time to do more of it, needs to be with chums as the chatting is as much of the fun as the cycling.


You will find me and Mr M and the dogs, at the side of hockey pitches, rugby pitches, watching trampolining, and Double Mini Trampoline.


The love of all our lives, Minnie and her mum Rosie. Long stomping walks regardless of the weather, walk and talk meetings, the wagging tails, the happy barks of joy. They make life whole


I LOVE swimming, but it must be in warm water, none of this lets break the ice to get in – definitely not for me. 4/5 days out of 7 you will see me with goggle mark.

A few years ago I went on a learn how to open water swimming course in Majorca and it was love at first try. Since then I have been very very lucky and swam in Croatia, the Fjords at Musandam Peninsula in Oman (photo taken in Oman) and Turkey. Next it is Sardinia then it’s a bucket list trip to a very special 8 day live a board trip. Swimming @ 5/6 km per day they include coastal swims, crossings and swim round islands. Swimming with the fishes and turtles is the most special of experiences.

Random 3 facts your probably didn’t know

1) I qualified as a RGN Nurse when I left school

2) I once rode race horses for a living

3)Love using a plunger to unblock a sink!

If you’d like to know more of how I got to where we are now CLICK HERE

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