What brand new experience are you having today?

When did you last do something completely new for the very first time? Today is one of those rare days for me.

I have never even held a fishing rod, my husband fishes, and my 2 boys’ fish so how you may ask has this happened.

Well, when the children were young, I was the one entertaining them on the bank, making sure they didn’t fall in, then as they got older it was the rugby and ballet drop off and pick up, then it was the dog to look after and walk and even more drop off and pickups unpaid taxi duties all over the place as rugby and football matches took over our Saturdays.  One memorable exhausted Saturday evening I added the miles up, an impressive 180 of them just running about on taxi duty in one day and it just happened to be a day that Mr M was relaxing in his own little bubble, him, the river and his fishing rod.    

So today has been a long time coming.  I love the unknown, the trying something new for the very first time, there is no pressure, no expectations just all new experiences. 

I know I am in very capable and encouraging hands with Will and Alastair Peake of Twin Peakes Fly Fishing, they are enthusiastic, passionate, knowledgably and are so keen to impart and share their knowledge.

So, bring it on, new experiences are fantastic, exciting, challenging, and what life is all about.  

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