Glad Rags & Cleavages – I don’t think so!

Never ever in my wildest dreams did I think just over 7 years ago when I originally thought of putting together a clay pigeon shoot for a few chums that that was the beginning of something really truly special.What started as an email to a few friends “hey do you fancy coming to Raemoir for a clay pigeon shooting lesson and lunch ” turned literally in a couple of weeks into Glad Rags and Cartridge Bags.

With a back ground of events, marketing and sponsorship it was so thrilling to build a brand from ground zero💥Within those weeks the 30 places were snapped up and the event was sold out💥Prizes from fabulous business were donated @johnclarkmotorgroup@jamiesonandcarry@orvisuk💥@scottishfieldmag sent their fabulous @loubgray and Angus the photographer to collate a 6 page spreadNow to the name I can not take credit for that my husband gets 💯 all the credit for Glad Rags and Cartridge Bags. You know once you get something in your head and it just doesn’t get out that’s the problem I had thank heavens for Mark we might have been stuck with Cartridges and Cleavages 🤣🤣🌟

Over 650 individual ladies have shot with us🌟23 unique fabulous locations, we are the only group in the UK to hold their events not at traditional shooting schools but at amazing castles, private estates, country houses🌟 Over 💯 glad rags events, clay shooting, fishing, dog training, gardening, floral creations🌟 ladies traveling from all over the UK to attend👑Her Majesty The Queen knowing all about us🌟 Working in partnership with brilliant supportive sponsorsCountry WaysAnderson Anderson BrownShepherd and WedderburnWeatherbys Private BankBrewin Dolphin AberdeenTorphins Garage.

So sitting round the table last night surrounded by old friends and new, with chatter, laughter and fun ringing out I felt very grateful for everything and the places this adventure has taken us all but most of all to the wonderful people I have met along the way. 🎂🍾🥂So cheers Cartridges and Cleavages ooops Glad Rags and Cartridge Bags a very happy 7th Birthday .

♥️Glad Rags Events where everlasting memories and friendships are made

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