Glad Rags and Gardening Gloves – A Vegtastic Event at Kincardine Castle

For our second outing with Gardening Gloves I am very excited to announce we have been invited to Kincardine Castle for a Vegtastic event.

I would describe my experience of growing vegetables as rather a hit or a miss and I am not very good at portion control.  One year I had a fantastic crop of radish, great you might think but with only one member of the family liking them that one was classed as a miss.

Last year I found great joy in growing our own potatoes, it was like finding a little pot of gold each time I dug some up for that night’s supper.  I have never mastered broccoli or been very good at lettuce and as for the rhubarb I could feed an army, my peas what is the secret of getting them to grow up the supporting pole thing.  So, if you are anything like me this is the event for you.

Philippa who has spent the last year working at Kincardine Castle Gardens and has just qualified in her RHS Level 2 Theory is going to guide us in all things growing summer vegetables.  Philippa’s passion runs long and deep, by her own admission gardening is in her DNA with various members of her family going back up the family tree being accomplished professional gardeners.

This hands-on teaching event will include

How to prepare the ground for planting out tender vegetable plants

Planting out and supporting runner beans and other vegetables

Preparing ground for sowing salad crops

Sowing spring onions, radish and more

With plants and seeds for you to take home and try in your own garden.

Children 1st is Glad Rags Events chosen charity for 2021.  £10 from your event fee is being donated to this wonderful charity and there will also be an opportunity for you to purchase plants with all money raised from these sales going towards Children 1st.