Glad Rags & Cartridge Bags

Glad Rags & Cartridge Bags is Scotland’s Premier Ladies Shooting Group. 

Learning to shoot properly and safely surrounded by old friends, new friends, blue sky, sunshine, guns smokin’ clays breaking, laughter, applause, cheer and chat and new friends made. 

Ladies need never have held a gun before to come and enjoy a day with us.  We welcome complete newbies to the more experienced shot.  We supply all you need, all  you have to take is you. 

A more supportive friendly environment you will not find.  Ladies coming for the first time will be given a buddy to keep them company and everyone has name badges.  Ladies come on their own or with chums. 

Everyone is grouped according to their experience and ability with the targets set to match the ability of  each group. 

All the shooting is under instruction and at every event we enjoy the most delicious food.  

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Exclusive venues

Glad Rags and Cartridge Bags is unique unlike other shooting clubs it does not hold its events at established shooting grounds, instead it is like a roving syndicate holding its events at different exclusive venues.

By personal kind invitation of His Majesty The King we have held a clay shoot at his private highland estate, been guests of the Earl of Strathmore at his ancestral home Glamis Castle and enjoyed a day at privately owned Craigston Castle. 

Give it a go

All abilities very welcome, never held a gun before, beginner, improver, or experienced shot we cater for ALL. Ladies of all ages, from 12 years and up are welcomed to Cartridge Bags Events.

No membership fee dip in and out of the events you fancy.

For all levels

No membership fee

Access to stunning venues

got your back

You will not find a more supportive atmosphere to give shooting a go. Everyone is given a buddy to keep them company on their first day. And never forget everyone was a complete beginner at one time. I promise you will have a fantastic day. 


Instructional Clay Shoots

Ladies of all abilities and ages. Never held a gun to the more experienced shot.
All you have to bring is you.

Simulated Driven Days

Simulated Driven Days

All the fun without the feathers, has the heart racing and the adrenaline pumping just like a full driven day but has more flexibility

Full Driven

Full Driven

We encourage ladies who have little or no experience of driven days to come along

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